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The Craft Room


So if you follow me over on Instagram, you may have seen this picture yesterday. It’s the current state of my soon to be craft room.

I’m completely overwhelmed by the task of unpacking and putting away all the things in here (and let’s not mention the rest of the house!). I used to store all the things on the cutting table but now that isn’t possible as I have just the one desk for both cutting and sewing. I’m also down from four to two shelving units and no wardrobe full of shelves… I’d be grateful for hints and tips on how you organise your sewing space, where you put all the little bits! How do you store notions, rulers, scissors, cutters, pins, needles. All. The. Things!!! Do you have a blog post about this? If so, please share the link with me.

Thanks for the help that I know you guys will provide.