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Busy bee


I’ve been a busy bee making blocks for the Simply Solids Bee : I was waaaaay behind but am now all caught up and have even finished and sent my May block before the month begins! I imagine my fellow Fallow hive members will just about fall over from the shock!

My favourite blocks so far are that one up the top which is a scrap vomit b block using Katy’s tutorial but 2″ not 2.5″ squares and my other fave is the block I made for Adrianne which you can see here.

After taking almost 2 years out from bees, I’ve joined two this year. It remains to be seen wether or not that was a good idea! What about you? Do you like quilting bees and swaps? Are you in any right now? What works for you (and what doesn’t)? Have you any tips for me on how to keep on time? That relates to life in general around here, not just with regard to bees… After being an early bird all my life, I seem to be forever late now… Hmmm…