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#quiltconlanyardswap :: lanyard tutorial

Hi, I’m Amy from Badskirt, Jules is having issues with her internet connection, so I’m posting her tutorial for her. Unfortunately in Australia when our home internet connection goes down, it can take weeks for it to be repaired. Poor Jules has been locked out of her blog and is sorry about the delay!

The #quiltconlanyardswap :: lanyard tutorial is available as a downloadable PDF or you can follow along here.


  • Swivel clip with 1” ring
  • 2½” x 35” strip of fabric (you can piece this)
  • 1” x 34” strip fusible medium weight woven interfacing or fusible lightweight batting

Press your fabric in half along the length. Turn in and press a quarter inch on each edge. Open out and insert your fusible interfacing on one side. It should line up with the centre crease and tuck under one of the quarter inch folds. Re-fold the strip along the length and press to fuse the interfacing.Lan1

Slip the swivel clip onto the folded fabric.


Now it’s time to stitch. Move the clip along and out of your way. Open out the folds on the short ends and with right sides together, stitch a half inch seam.


Press the seam open then re-fold the quarter inch and centre folds. Press.


Your lanyard should now look like this:


To close the long edge, topstitch an eighth of an inch all the way around, moving the clip along as you go. I have also quilted the lanyard for further decoration, if you want to do that, now is the time.


Next, you need to secure the swivel clip. Finger press the centre point directly opposite the short seam and place the clip at this point.


With the clip in place, topstitch across the width


And ta da!!! All done!!!


We’re looking forward to seeing all of the lanyards at #quiltcon! Happy swapping!

A wee bit late

Hi lanyard swappers

I’ve had a little delay with the tutorial, I’ll send you all an email link when it’s up. Thanks for your patience. Jules

EDIT: 23 nov: my modem broke and I’m still waiting on it being fixed, hopefully Monday will be the day!


Hey there fellow #Quiltcon2015p attendees! Can you believe it’s only a little over 14 weeks until we descend on Austin with our quilty superpowers!!!

Last QuiltCon was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for this one. To up the quilty goodness factor a little (is that even possible?) I’ve decided to run a little swap!

We will have entry passes for the show which will need lanyards to hang round our neck… So… what if we make a wee lanyard and swap these with another attendee? Won’t it be fab to wear something handmade and also make a connection with another attendee before we get there – an icebreaker with new friends.

As the holiday season is about to descend on us all, I really want to keep this swap small and not too onerous on anyone. Here are the details:

Join :: the swap here by Friday 14 November.

Make :: a lanyard with a clip, approximately 34″. A tutorial will be posted here on 15 November, you can use that or your own method.

Mail :: your gift to your partner no later than 10 January 2015 to allow time for international delivery. Some little extras are always nice but not essential.

Meet :: the other attendees. Once you’ve joined the swap, link up your blog or IG in the comments here and visit a few of the other participants to say hi. Who knows?! You may end up sitting next to them in one of your classes or lectures.

*partner emails will be sent 15 & 16 November. If you have joined and don’t receive an email by 16 November, please let me know*