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Vintage sheets and solids a quilt will make…


and these
DSC_0585are going places together.

Where? Well life’s all about adventure so let’s just let them take me for a ride for a while…

I’m not such a planner, what about you? Do you plan?

The fabrics are vintage sheets from op-shops and etsy and various Michael Miller, Freespirit, Kona and Art Gallery Solids from the stash.

Lifetime of Liberty

Mosaic_kidsThis quilt has quite the story to it and as I’m not a writer by trade, I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell it on this page how it sounds in my head – my words never come out how they sound in my head, and often, I’m inappropriate, lucky I have some fabulous friends who don’t mind my potty mouth and my lack of tact!

In essence, my mother-in-law Rosemary was an amazingly talented woman in so many facets of her life but her quilting skills were outta this world. In her lifetime, she made more than 100 quilts, and most of these were given as gifts. They were usually pieced by machine and quilted by hand but thankfully we have two of her more labour intensive fully hand pieced gems in our home. She was inspirational and I learnt so much from her (although, I think she’d be horrified by me as machine quilting and binding are more my thing!).

In early 2007, our dear Granny Rose lost her battle with breast cancer. Sadly, she only got to meet the first of her three granddaughters. When I was clearing out her wardrobe, I kept a number of the shirts she had made herself from Liberty and other similarly printed cotton lawn fabrics with the intention of making a quilt for our then only child. That quilt is still in progress as it’s an entirely english paper pieced grandmothers garden. Now that we’ve had two more baby girls, I’m trying to make each of them a granny quilt. Realising though that I’ve no hope of ever finishing three hexy numbers, and remembering one of Rosemary’s beautiful triangle quilts, I’ve paired some of her shirts with some of my Liberty’s and a whole heap of various solids to come up with Violet’s first birthday gift : “Lifetime of Liberty”. It was quite the process, deciding on the final design, I spent hours upon hours moving it around on the design wall and on the floor and seeking the opinions of brutally honest very helpful friends.

Planning Mosaic

Inspired by the conversations I used to have with Rosemary, I have quilted some “words to live by” on the feature triangle: laugh, dream, cry, think, care, believe, dream, love, struggle, inspire, travel, still, create, parent, desire, lifetime.


So, here is the front of Violet’s granny quilt:


and the back:


I absolutely LOVE this quilt. I am so very happy with how it turned out. And I’m very glad I added in those yellow pops which in turn influenced the final colour of that main triangle (Art Gallery Pure Elements).

As a result of my satisfaction, I got cocky and back in November, I submitted an application for the Quilt Show at QuiltCon. Much to my shock and delight, this quilt was accepted. It is now winging its way across the oceans to Austin. I am so very thrilled that my modern quilt, inspired by a very traditional Granny Rose is going to be hung in a show.


Weaving a basket…

…I imagine, must take a whole lot of time. And patience. Neither of which I have in great abundance. However, I recently had cause and inspiration to weave a basket of the quilty kind.

With the middle small by my side snipping the threads between the chain piecing, and by roping in anyone who happened to call by the house, this quilt came together in a flurry of activity and with very little thought or effort in a relatively short amount of time. I did modify the pattern from the book and in my typical fashion, I messed up the measurements for my version. With a little help from a maths minded friend, I was able to improvise my way out of what could have been an enormous waste of fabric!

As the quilt was destined to be a family picnic rug, I used repurposed fabrics including scraps leftover from previous projects and some pieces from my growing stash of second hand fabrics found on trips to op shops {thrift stores}. This project contains an assortment of remnants of seersucker tablecloths, silk taffeta, linen from a skirt, a bag and my maternity pants (won’t be needing those ever again!), cotton drill kitchen curtains and a wild 1970’s paisley poly/cotton blend which was used as the backing. It was great fun to throw together an odd bunch of texture, quality and colour and come out with something fun and practical.

My favourite part of making a quilt, always, is seeing it put to use. I am not precious about the quilts I make for home. We have picnicked, slept and snuggled on and under this and I love that my family can wrap themselves in Mumma love and comfort on a chilly afternoon.

NOTE: This quilt came to be as occasionally I am privileged to be able to review books for Whip up. My most recent review was of Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration. When I opened the pages and saw the Basketweave quilt, I quietly desired immediately HAD to have a version of it.