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Packing, moving, letting go…

Tonight I’m sitting on the floor of the sewing room, eating dinner and reflecting on this space and all that has happened here.

This in progress quilt on the as yet unpacked design wall is the last project I will work on in this home. The home that had housed my husbands family for more than forty years, where his Mum crafted for all those years. Crochet, lacework, quilts, spinning, knitting, cross stitch, tatting, embroidery, dress making. There is a whole lot of creative energy here in this home and I’m finding myself wanting to hold on to it, to pack it up and take it on an adventure. Do you think I can find a way to bottle it?

The quilt :: improv blocks started in Denyse Schmidt’s improv piecing class at QuiltCon in February. I’ve finished all the blocks I had fabric for so am going to add yarn dyed Essex linen in natural (purchased from marmalade fabrics, also at QuiltCon) to make up to a queen size for our bed. I’m thinking I might spread the blocks out randomly to make them look almost like they’ve been thrown on the linen. Thoughts on layout gratefully accepted!

Five little things…

As I’ve already mentioned, in just over two weeks I’m heading to Austin, Texas for QuiltCon. The Modern Quilt Guild are hosting a linky party for those of us going to find out a little more about each other. And to show a photo of ourselves so when we meet, it will be a little easier to recognise people. Here I am with my youngest, Violet:

Me and V

And here are five random things you may not know about me:

I do not clean toilets.
Not ever. I married a man who is clean and tidy by nature (some might call him anal – ok, so I’m the one who calls him that, but not without good reason!). I just will not clean the toilet. It’s gross. And the Mr does it for us so nope, you’ll never catch me with a loo brush in hand.

I swear like a sailor.
My language is best described as atrocious gutter talk. I’m also direct and I speak my mind. I don’t mean to offend people but I’m certain I do. It gets me in trouble.

I love biology.
In high school I was a bio nut and my weekend job was as a pharmacy assistant where I learnt about all kinds of interesting diseases. After leaving school, I worked for radiologists as the darkroom technician, when they used real film (back in the day!) and I was convinced I wanted to become a radiographer. Then I assisted with barium enemas. Change of career path right there.

We were married on April Fools Day.
My Great-Gran and Pop were also married on April Fools Day. I didn’t know this until after I was married.

I love to cook.
And I’m pretty good at it. BUT, I can’t cook toast or rice. I almost always burn the toast and let’s not even start on the rice. The Mr bought me a rice cooker for Christmas, bless his little cotton socks.

Lifetime of Liberty

Mosaic_kidsThis quilt has quite the story to it and as I’m not a writer by trade, I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell it on this page how it sounds in my head – my words never come out how they sound in my head, and often, I’m inappropriate, lucky I have some fabulous friends who don’t mind my potty mouth and my lack of tact!

In essence, my mother-in-law Rosemary was an amazingly talented woman in so many facets of her life but her quilting skills were outta this world. In her lifetime, she made more than 100 quilts, and most of these were given as gifts. They were usually pieced by machine and quilted by hand but thankfully we have two of her more labour intensive fully hand pieced gems in our home. She was inspirational and I learnt so much from her (although, I think she’d be horrified by me as machine quilting and binding are more my thing!).

In early 2007, our dear Granny Rose lost her battle with breast cancer. Sadly, she only got to meet the first of her three granddaughters. When I was clearing out her wardrobe, I kept a number of the shirts she had made herself from Liberty and other similarly printed cotton lawn fabrics with the intention of making a quilt for our then only child. That quilt is still in progress as it’s an entirely english paper pieced grandmothers garden. Now that we’ve had two more baby girls, I’m trying to make each of them a granny quilt. Realising though that I’ve no hope of ever finishing three hexy numbers, and remembering one of Rosemary’s beautiful triangle quilts, I’ve paired some of her shirts with some of my Liberty’s and a whole heap of various solids to come up with Violet’s first birthday gift : “Lifetime of Liberty”. It was quite the process, deciding on the final design, I spent hours upon hours moving it around on the design wall and on the floor and seeking the opinions of brutally honest very helpful friends.

Planning Mosaic

Inspired by the conversations I used to have with Rosemary, I have quilted some “words to live by” on the feature triangle: laugh, dream, cry, think, care, believe, dream, love, struggle, inspire, travel, still, create, parent, desire, lifetime.


So, here is the front of Violet’s granny quilt:


and the back:


I absolutely LOVE this quilt. I am so very happy with how it turned out. And I’m very glad I added in those yellow pops which in turn influenced the final colour of that main triangle (Art Gallery Pure Elements).

As a result of my satisfaction, I got cocky and back in November, I submitted an application for the Quilt Show at QuiltCon. Much to my shock and delight, this quilt was accepted. It is now winging its way across the oceans to Austin. I am so very thrilled that my modern quilt, inspired by a very traditional Granny Rose is going to be hung in a show.