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On the road to QuiltCon! 

Good morning from picturesque Savannah! 

I’ve been Stateside for three days and have enjoyed the very best of Southern hospitality. 

Arriving in Tampa to a glorious sunset, margaritas and Mexican food and a comfortable bed covered in quilts was the perfect start! 

It’s been a weekend that included orange juice fresh from the groves, ranch visiting with a kind and generous family, walks amongst spectacular native flora

…and my first taste of grits which were amazingly delicious! Grits really do have a reputation that precedes them so I was somewhat surprised and rather delighted when my host made them and they were soooo good! 

With a little stitching to finish a Linden sweatshirt and a road trip to Georgia full of side splitting laughter thrown in, it’s been a fabulous start to the trip! 

I’m so looking forward to seeing so many of you at QuiltCon later this week and for those of you who can’t make it, I hope to be on Instagram with daily pictures for you!