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Something to share

I’ve been working on so many quilts recently that I’ve not been able to share… some for classes, some for new patterns

This one though, is one of a couple I’ve been making for pure pleasure to gift to people I love. I’ve been keeping them secret in case the recipients clue onto the gift before time.

I can finally share a project with you as today, I gave this quilt to a gorgeous friend who I just adore. She’s an amazing woman, wife, sister, mother, friend and nurse. These past weeks she needed a cup of tea, a block of chocolate and a great big hug. I think a quilt made with love is all of those things put together.

Here is my hug for you lovely lady, you are an inspiration and such a fabulous friend, love ya lots!

The quilt :: St Louis 16 patch
Size :: 64″ 64″
Fabrics :: all Anna Maria Horner quilting cottons from many different ranges. Backed with AMH Flannel
Quilting :: by me using Heidi’s longarm

Right now I am…

This post should probably be titled “This month I am” given it has been over a month since I have posted here. However, as I can manage only what is in front of me right now, let’s start with that.


Enjoying :: the glorious Autumn weather Canberra gives us. Crisp mornings, sunny days, clear blue skies and fireside evenings.


Loving :: my children and my husband. As corny as it is, Mr Procrasticraft and the three smalls are what this life is all about.

Appreciating :: my friends. Those who are physically present in my life, those in the interwebs and those who are no longer with me. I am grateful everyday that I have such supportive, intelligent, generous, creative and funny people along for the ride on this crazy journey that is my life.

Sharing :: my language and my love of food with a new Spanish friend. She is sharing her language and her love of food with me. If you ever have the chance to trade language and cooking lessons with someone new to your country, take it! Learning a language through cooking each other’s food, hello!

Making :: class samples – I am going to teach some quilting classes using modern designs and improv techniques – I couldn’t be more thrilled. The design and making aspect of this is fabulous, writing the patterns, not so much. Do you write patterns? Any tips?


Working :: for the first time in a while – since the last baby actually. I’ve set up my own small business working as a virtual assistant and through that, I get to spend a whole day of each week in a fabric store!!!  SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

And finally, tonight I am remembering :: right now, it feels so appropriate to be in this space, one which I was encouraged to enter by my dear sweet friend Kathreen. You see, today it has been one year since she and her gorgeous hubby lost their lives. One whole year since I heard her voice. So right now I am missing and I am thanking. Missing my friend so very much and thanking every being possible that I was lucky enough to have had her as my friend at all. I’m thanking her for encouraging me to follow my dreams. Thanking her for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thanking her for inspiring me to live a more creative life. Thanking her for being her and for showing me how to be me.

Miss you Kathreen. And thank you dear friend.




Holy freakin stink bomb, I have the most amazing caring, thoughtful and talented friends! It’s been a rough few weeks around here and receiving such beautiful handmade gifts has touched me and made me feel wrapped in warmth and love and protected from the world.

I have watched this friend knit and been mesmerised by these stitches, little did I know they were for me. Between these Fetchings gifted to me today and the Honey Cowl wrapped around my neck on a cold sad winter day three weeks ago, well, I’m wrapped in comfort.

I am feeling so blessed and so very grateful. Not only for my knitty peeps, also for the friends who have made phone calls, sent emails, written cards, provided babysitting, prepared food and most of all for the conversations and time I have spent with you all.

Thank you to my dear sweet friends, in the interwebs and in real life, all of you who have helped me hold it together.

Jules xx