(Not so) Mellow Yellow


The story of the seven year quilt!

Back in 2009, when Flickr was still where it was all happening (remember Flickr, sob), and there were modern quilting groups having quilt alongs and swaps and challenges, way back then,  I belonged to a Munki Munki quilt along group. I started some log cabin blocks as part of a quilt along and wanted to use as many of the fabrics I had n my stash at the time as I could.

Then I stopped.

My process then was different, my confidence was non-existent and I just felt like my work would never live up to the beautiful work I was seeing in the Flickr group. I was yet to find my quilting bliss and realise that I did not need to be the same as others, I needed to work through that and find my own space. Trying to re-create the style of others was holding me back. So I put these blocks away.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.06.55 amI loved the little Munki Munki centres of these log cabins and the blocks told a story about the state of my fabric loves at the time so they got stashed away on the “to-do” shelves.

Then my baby sister was going to turn 18 in 2012 so I pulled them out. At that time, her favourite colour was yellow so I bought yardage of an Art Gallery Pure Elements solid, I think the colour is Canary, and started sashing the blocks. Her favourite colour is yellow. Mine, not so much. To be honest, I was not at all confident that I was making a good decision with the yellow. So I put it away.

Then she was turning 21 in 2015. I was determined to gift the quilt to her for her 21st so I sucked on the lemon and finished the quilt top. But I still wasn’t happy with it. And, you guessed it, I put it away. Again.

Then one day, earlier this year, I pulled it out while doing a studio re-organise and all of a sudden I loved that quilt. I loved how much it said about my quilting journey and I loved how much it made me think of my sister. The yellow now made me crazy happy and felt like a big whack of sunshine in the day. I had an overwhelming urge to finish it right away!

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.09.10 pm

Seven years in the making, so much love and life has passed in that time, hope you (still) love yellow as much as I now do my dear, dear baby sister. XXOO

The quilt :: Improv Log Cabin
Size :: 73″ 73″
Fabrics :: A sampling of my stash from 2008-2015; Art Gallery Pure Elements (possibly Canary)
Backing :: Art Gallery print purchased circa 2012
Batting :: Matilda’s own 100% Cotton
Binding :: Cotton & Steel current print
Quilting :: by Heidi


8 thoughts on “(Not so) Mellow Yellow

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Thanks so much Sally for stopping by. Every quilt sure does have a story doesn’t it?! I love your recently completed string quilt with the lovely bright blue stripy binding, it proves that even those things we stick for a year or more can come out and be beautiful when they (we) are ready. Jxx

      1. Sally McLachlan

        I love hearing the stories behind quilts. I am currently working on my 35ish year quilt! When I was 15 I went to Tassie for the school holidays with my aunt. I was a real nerd, so no “teenage” activities for me. I’m not sure how it came about but my aunt showed me English paper piecing. I had no idea this was “quilting” and my templates are made from paper shopping bags with a hexagon hole in a beer coaster. I started making grannies garden blocks (are they called blocks?). I didn’t know anything about quilting fabric and had no money anyway so I mainly used leftovers from my grandma’s cupboard. There’s scraps from dresses she made my mum in the sixties (even her wedding dress) and from all the dresses, nighties, etc she made us when we were little. Most are so old they are in again!
        Then I went overseas for a few years, had kids, studied, worked full time – you know the drill – and it sat there for ages. I looked at it from time to time, but just didn’t have the energy. Now the kids are grown up and the house is built and yesterday I got it out again. I am really enthused to finish a quilt with these patches, hopefully while my grandma is still with us.
        Thanks again for your inspiration.


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