Mornings, productivity and memories

Ha! I’ve just been looking through the “drafts” folder in the back-end of my blog and I came across a number of posts I’ve never hit the “publish” button on…

This one is rather relevant. Recently I’ve had quite a bit going on. There’s been the launch of The Creative Retreat, a pattern release, a trip to QuiltCon and a family holiday that followed (must post about all the inspiration I found there!), teaching gigs, MQG business, more business business that I’ll get to sharing in the next little while and well, managing daily life with three small people and two (apparent) grown-ups in the house!

Morning Time

To combat the crazy, and to give myself some time to gather my thoughts before the day starts, I’ve been religiously getting out of bed at 5:10 every day. Every. single. day. Not 5am exactly, I just couldn’t set my alarm at 5am. There’s an insight into my brain for you – 5am is waaaaayyyy too early to comprehend, but 5:10, that’s just perfectly fine – it’s ok, I give you permission to roll your eyes at me!

The rules of this early wake up is that no electronics are allowed. No laptop, no phone, no iPad, absolutely naught. It’s been the silence I’ve been so desperately craving and I’ve so much more clarity of thought when the work day begins because I’ve woken up in a calm and quiet manner.

You should know, I’m not a morning person. I’ll happily stay up through the night until the morning hours but getting out of bed where it’s warm and snuggly, that’s never really been my thing. So, it was rather timely I came across the post below – originally written on January 14, 2013 when the smallest was a little over a year old… Seems like forever ago and just yesterday at the same time. She’s still an early riser and I’m really loving the warm, still half-asleep cuddles I get when she comes and finds me with my tea and sketchbook.

I’m curious to know, what are your morning rituals? How you find your still quiet place?

Here’s the old post:

She’s an early riser this smallest girl of mine. Put quite simply, I am not a morning person! However, in the heat of these past few weeks, I am enjoying the cool of the early mornings.

And while she rises early, she sleeps again soon after. The Mr has been taking her for an early walk to let the rest of us sleep but, it seems only fair that I should take my turn at getting up and heading out. I am so very glad I did. We walked for an hour through the suburbs to a local(ish) cafe and thankfully, they were open at 7am. The small was asleep by the time we arrived so there I sat.

Crochet and coffee

It has been so long since I’ve seen a sunrise, and what a pleasure it has been. And to have walked for almost two hours, had coffee, read the paper and crocheted before 9am, well I could be convinced to get up earlier more often. Maybe…

What about you? Are you an early riser? What do you like about mornings?

Jules xx

4 thoughts on “Mornings, productivity and memories

  1. Pip

    I’m not so good at staying up late so I enjoy getting up really early as it means I can reply to emails and get the electronics out of the way first thing, after that I get any required housework out of the way and then I’m free to play for the rest of the day. Early morning light is the best for photographs too.

  2. daisyandjack

    just reading about your early morning calm has made me calmer !! I’m not a morning person and I also reach straight for the electronics !! I think I might have to try something else – maybe a walk first thing would make my day calmer all round – thanks for sharing :)

  3. Christine Keogh

    Hi Jules. I am not good at mornings but I do love the early morning light and quiet so don’t mind if I wake up early. My mornings have too much electronics, and as I am trying to build my limited creative skills I shall use your idea and replace the electronics with a sketchbook. And it’s a lovely picture you create of your little girl with you in the morning, cuddles and tea and drawing.


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