#CultivatingCreativity :: #100Days :: A wordy update!

So I’m still practicing my 100 days of #cultivatingcreativity, albeit quietly. And I guess that’s the point really, spending time in the still and quiet, allowing my mind the space it needs to have ideas.

The view from Heidi's kitchen!

The view from Heidi’s kitchen!

I’ve been really fortunate the past few weeks to have two amazing short breaks. The first break was with a group of mates who are just some of the funniest, most intelligent, genuine women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. We had a two night break to the coast for a craft camp which involved the most incredible food (made by us of course!), lots of creativity and laughter. Oh how I laughed, so much so that my stomach and cheeks hurt for days afterward!

Then, I was incredibly blessed to have a few nights away on my own. The first two nights I spent at a house near the beach and the next night I had the pleasure of being a guest in Heidi’s home where she allowed me to use her long arm quilting machine. Four quilts quilted in 24 hours and not a single photo to show for it!!! Clearing the clutter of the unfinished projects was the aim of those three nights and it’s been the best thing I’ve done for myself in such a long time.

As a mother of three small people, a wife, and all the other hats I wear, I really needed to find some time to be still and quiet. To have my own time on nobody’s schedule. And while I could have done with a few weeks(!), even just a few short days was the break I so desperately needed.

As a result of my alone time, I had the time to sit in the still and quiet, write some lists and make some decisions. And… I resigned from my real and proper grown-up job. Phew! That was one of the most agonising decisions I’ve ever made and I’m yet to see how it plays out for our family but the relief of walking away was so very liberating.  Working a day or two a week in a fabric store is providing a little of the essential finances but other than that, let’s see what this next year has in store!

Not quite where I thought this challenge would take me but I’m so glad it’s leading me in this direction.

Next time, not so many words :)

4 thoughts on “#CultivatingCreativity :: #100Days :: A wordy update!

  1. shecanquilt

    It’s hard to make those decisions as the choices seem so final but I can assure you that they are not and as one door is closed several others seem to open.

  2. Charlotte

    It sounds as though that was a decision you really needed space to be able to make. Congratulations on taking the leap :-)


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