So QuiltCon! I’m on my way, are you?

QuiltCon Because booking flights and accommodation wasn’t enough to convince me I was going, I need to pop a little button in this space to make it for reals!

And because registration is JUST TWO DAYS AWAY!!! I thought it was as good a time as any to remind myself of why it is I want to go again.

The people I met :: It’s the number one reason I’ll do this trip, meeting these incredible people who share this crazy quilty passion is worth every cent of the airfare.

Lauren Sew Modern Online and Me

Lauren and me with our crazy eyes

Leanne and the LAMQG gals Lauren, Jennifer and Em were by far the “best country music dancers” on the floor that Saturday night (at least the beer had us believing so). Then there was Jenn and Lauren who I had been playing in words with friends for such a long time, it was great to use real words and hear real voices – even if mine was shouting “squirrel” in Starbucks…


Anna Maria Horner and me in her “Composing a Quilt” class – total girl crush moment!

Classes with AWESOME tutors :: Even with the anticipated frenzy and the possibility of missing out on classes, I would go again (and again, and again). The classes I took were super fun and the lectures are inspiring, stimulating and thought provoking.

More people :: Class mates Lisa, AmandaCharlotte, Marianne, Ellen and all the others who contributed thoughts, ideas and fun to the time we spent learning from tutors who shared their knowledge.


Malka working her magic

Food (with people) :: Beer and Barbecue with Carolyn, Cheryl and her champion of a husband, he was such a trooper all weekend!


For the life of me I can’t remember the name of this place – all I know is it was THE BEST BARBECUE!!!

Volunteering :: This was by far the most rewarding aspect. I had the opportunity to assist in the hanging of the quilt show, work the MQG information stand in the show, assist on the registration desk and be a workshop assistant. So many good things came from volunteering, I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Food (without people) :: eating in a new country, city, suburb is my favourite way to discover a a place. I ate my breakfasts on my own in a different joint each day as a calm way of starting the day. Breakfast tacos in Austin? To. Die. For.

And have I mentioned people :: I can’t forget 80’s night dress up queens Felicity and Jaclyn. And bloggy and twitter and instagram mates who were just so lovely in person: EmHolly, Kim, Jen, Marci, Heather, GinaHeather, JacquieColleen, Amy, Catherine, Latifah, SusanneErin, Rossie and so, so many more.

So, back to the question that started this post. I’m going. Are you?

17 thoughts on “So QuiltCon! I’m on my way, are you?

  1. mrchickenandtheninjakitties

    There was this place that had the most amazing omelettes, I’ll have to look up the name. I want to recreate every meal I had in Austin.
    I’ll pack a squirrel that you can bring home with you!
    So excited!

  2. Holly

    I totally agree, it’s all about the people! I’m so glad I had a chance to meet you at QuiltCon 2013 and I’m eagerly anticipating next February!

  3. Catherine

    awesome Jules, such a timely post for us all to read, with the registration-panic setting in!! It’s the people I’m really going for, hopefully volunteering – and the quilts! – so if the workshops and lectures fill up before I can click through, there will still be so much to enjoy, celebrate and experience. thanks so much.

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Hiya Cat, my advice would be to register for your most coveted workshop, pay and then go back, at least get one. Don’t register for the MQG members general session in the first go, you can go and add that later and it will just waste time! And if you get no classes, this will be a fabulous experience anyway.

  4. Leanne

    Are you organizing the Texas dance with a cowboy event again? I can’t wait to see everyone again, of course I’ll be there.

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Yeah, I’m not so sure the Mr would approve of dancing with cowboys again but I’m sure I can find us some fun! I was trying to find a way of conveying the worry we had about the dubious location of the Broken Spoke prior to the LA girls showing up – I was rather concerned about where the taxi man had left us!


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