A Modern Show and a Proud Mama Moment

Some weeks back, Australia’s first modern quilt show was held in Berry on the South Coast of New South Wales. Hosted by Wollongong MQG, it was a stellar event.

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Mollie and her quilt #modernquiltshowau

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So many beautiful quilts on display (you can see more of them in my post over here) and a lovely day trip for me with fellow Canberra MQG members and my biggest small, seven year old Mollie (thanks to Monn, Liz and Gemma for such a fun day)!

The call for entries came out and when I was talking with the fam about the show and possibly entering one of my quilts, Mollie asked if she could enter as well. The organisers had included a Children’s Category so we agreed to finish quilting her quilt and submit it. I was determined that she should do as much of the quilting as possible (which was another lesson in letting go for me) and we worked over a few weeks to get it done. Much of the quilting was done with her little hands under my hands guiding her around while she pressed the foot full throttle – it was a challenge to remain calm but I’m happy that she was able to have so much input and feel proud of her work at the end.

When we submitted the entry, we waited a few days to hear back, she was thrilled that the committee accepted her quilt and we decided to take the trip to go see it hanging.

Image credit :: Amy of Badskirt

Image credit :: Amy of Badskirt

I’m so very glad we went. Miss Mollie was awarded best in show for the children’s category and won a sewing machine from Bernina! Such a proud Mama moment. I am thrilled that my incredibly creative daughter has had her work recognised. Not because of the machine (although that’s AWESOME) but because I love that her creativity has had such positive encouragement. People at the show took time to talk with her about her quilt, about the process and about her ideas (thanks Molli & Mr SparklesKathy, Amy and the many other folk who took time to listen to her). So often creativity is squashed to make room for more “studious” pursuits but this, this has been just the encouragement and confidence booster she needed.

So very proud of my big girl. And so very pleased that she is making the most of her machine! Just not entirely convinced that I’ll ever get my desk back now her machine is on it, she’s currently working on a new quilt for her next show entry!


8 thoughts on “A Modern Show and a Proud Mama Moment

  1. Jen @ Bower Bird Patch

    That is such a great story and I can imagine how proud you must be. I’m looking forward to seeing what she makes next! It’s kinda funny how, as a child, you wanna do stuff like your folks do. My parents were both scientists, so I can remember getting into all sorts of sciencey type things that I thought were cool and that would make them proud too….
    Thanks for sharing…

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Hey Jen
      Did I show you the pictures of the next quilt on Sunday? I will have to bring it along to guild once the show is over and she has it back.

  2. Cat

    Great post Julie, and I so love the pic of you and Mollie, taken by Amy, it captures such a magic moment. I so agree with you too, about the importance of nurturing and supporting – and celebrating – creativity in children. So often it is overlooked in favour of – gah! – sporting achievements (which of course are awesome too …). My kids are creative, academic, musical, and it’s so awesome to see them respond so positively to encouragement, interest and support. Go Mollie, and go you too – may there be many more hours spent on the Bernette! Cat

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Hi Cat, yes, Amy managed to get the moment perfectly – it helps that she knew who the winners were so she had her lens focused without us knowing! I so love the words you write, in cards, online, here. I can only imagine how beautifully you encourage your children. Thanks for taking the time to pop by here. Can’t wait to meet you in person in February. Jxx

  3. Laurelle C

    Congratulations! As a Mum of five I can relate to the stress of them creating. When mine were little and cooked I found it best not to look and not to worry about mess. I am only a recent ( three years ) quiltaholic but just this week my 20 year old finished her first quilt top and it looks amazing. I guess it’s never too late to get them started. My 12 year old has made a few projects and yes they have wonky seams but how else are they going to learn! I think it’s fantastic your daughter is so motivated. Enjoy it while it lasts as she may move on to something else next week! ( or maybe you have her hooked like the rest of us! Oh no! ) :)

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Ha Laurelle! Yes, the cooking mess is definitely best ignored!!! Wonky seams are all over that quilt but they are so very beautiful because she made them and your 12 year old’s I’m sure are gorgeous too. She may move on, and that’s ok – I’m trying very hard to let go of my views of what each of my girls are/should be and let each of them discover herself and her own creativity. It’s a constant struggle to not interfere too much – any tips?


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