Faraway Fields :: A Finished Quilt


So I had a finish! Some of you will have seen this quilt on Instagram and Facebook – I’ve been rather slow to getting it here!

This quilt feels like one giant material representation of my online experience, a place I’ve made incredible connections to inspiring, funny, kind and generous people. I am in love with it for its symbolic nature as much as for its beauty.

So, it’s a bit of wordy story but I’ll try my best to stay on track. I began making this quilt in a Denyse Schmidt class at QuiltCon in February 2013. The same class in which I met dear Charlotte. We were volunteering and it being the last day of QuiltCon, some participants left early to catch flights home. Fortunately for us, we were able to make a few quick blocks. I left thinking I might have just enough to make a lap quilt if I was careful about how I joined them. I was clearly overly optimistic about how much I’d done that day!
Procrasticraft_Improv_DSWhen I got home and tried to piece the blocks together, I discovered a mini-quilt, maybe a baby size, was all I would get if I was to make a top from blocks alone. Given that’s all I had, I popped the blocks on the design wall and pondered the placement. For many months, I fiddled around with it almost every time I went into my sewing room but I just could not commit to stitching it up, something was missing. As we were about to move house, I posted a picture of my (lack of) progress on Instagram:
That proved to be a fortuitous move on my part. The ever inspiring Cheryl Arkison (have you seen her gorgeous book, A Month of Sundays) saw that photo. Cheryl is one of the lovely friends I have made online who I met in person at QuiltCon. She was also in the DS class and had grabbed a couple of orphan blocks at the end of the day and she was willing to share her leftovers! They arrived along with the most generous parcel and sweet words I think I’ve ever received. When I opened the box, I was super thrilled to see that Cheryl had made some of the blocks into inset circles (check out her Craftsy class to see how to do these, it’s pretty clever). So, those circle blocks up there came to me via Calgary.
As soon as I had those extra pieces, I knew exactly how to make the quilt. I pulled out my Essex linen, laid out a king size piece on the deck and literally threw the blocks and fabric scraps into the air to see where on the quilt they landed. Of course, some landed on top of each other and some were either too far apart or not far enough so I played around with placement just a little and then stitched them up.

The impetus to finish was the Modern Quilt Show held on 3 & 4 May. Thankfully, another gorgeous friend I’ve made online (who I also now see regularly in person) is an AMAZING long-armer and she agreed to getting this one done in record time for me. Heidi has done the most incredible job with the quilting on this. My photos simply can not do it justice, it is spectacular
In the end, I have a king size quilt for our bed in our new home. It is spectacularly large, the biggest quilt I’ve ever made and I’m so damn proud of it!


The Quilt
Blocks :: Scraps provided by Denyse Schmidt and Free Spirit, made by Julie McMahon with blocks contributed by Cheryl Arkison.
Background :: Essex Linen (purchased at QuiltCon from the lovely Tammy of Marmalade Fabrics who supplied me with a whole bolt to bring back to Oz)
Quilting :: quilted by the uber talented Heidi (Jeanette)
Binding :: Shot Cotton (from Addicted to Fabric)
The Name :: Started in Austin with fabrics from a studio in Connecticut (USA) and sewing time with a friend from London (England), blocks from Calgary (Canada), made in Canberra (Australia), quilted in Bombala (Australia) :: truly an effort from Faraway Fields.


** I do not accept payment for any promotions in my posts, all opinions and recommendations are my own and are genuine. I am however an affiliate of both Amazon and Craftsy and I work for Addicted to Fabric **


17 thoughts on “Faraway Fields :: A Finished Quilt

  1. Michelle

    What a fantastic quilt! Those made with friendships and good thoughts really are the best aren’t they? And the quilting is just fantastic! Couldn’t be more perfect.

  2. Jess @ elven garden quilts

    It is just so gorgeous Julie – I didn’t get to the show, but this was my absolute favourite from the photos I did see. Your design is just so interesting and Heidi’s quilting complements it so perfectly. I’d love to see this one in person – I hope you’ll enter it in quiltcon!

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Hi Jess, I plan on submitting it, not that it will be accepted but I’m hopeful! And yes, Heidi’s quilting is phenomenal. I’m starting to get really excited about QuiltCon 2015 and meeting more peeps (including you!). Jxx

  3. Agnes Stadler

    Julie! This is absolutely and insanely marvelous! Separating those colorful blocks with grey was a fantastic idea. Met you at QuiltCon last year….will see each other QC2015!?

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Thanks Agnes! You’re very kind. I’m all booked for QuiltCon next year, am SO looking forward to it! What are you hoping to get into? I’m having trouble deciding on class preferences…

  4. Charlotte

    it is absolutely and completely beautiful! I love the name – perfection! Wishing you many many happy years of sleeping under it xxx

  5. Jen@Bower Bird Patch

    Yay for you Jules! That’s one truly awesome quilt you’ve got there and the ‘in the making’ story that goes with it is just a good. King size huh? Something only a long-arm quilter would love to quilt? Bet is nice and heavy..perfect for out Canberra winter. I’m looking for a long arm quilter so will be sure to check Heidi’s site out….
    Thanks for sharing. Am looking forward to catching up with you at the next meeting.


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