This week I am…

Autumn rain tree planiting

Enjoying :: the glorious rainy autumn weather
Planting :: 300 saplings (actually, the Mr is doing the hard work, I’m supervising!)
Sharing :: a friends excess tomato harvest


5kgs of cherry tomatoes. Yes, FIVE KILOS (or 11 pounds)!!!!

Cooking :: Green tomato chutney/relish/pickle (what on earth do you call that stuff?). I had hoped to share the recipe today but can’t find it, will post it soon though as it’s good stuff!

And yes, I still love my stove enough to protect her from spills with alfoil...

And yes, I still love my stove enough to protect her from spills with alfoil…

Loving :: the discoveries the smallest one is making with her language
Waiting :: for news about an exciting work opportunity
Planning :: a group airfare discount to QuiltCon 2015 for Aussie travellers (are you going?)
Hoping :: the rain continues all weekend so I have an excuse to sit still and sew
Making :: a little in-threes for a soon to arrive small person (not mine!).
Preparing :: the Canberra MQG upcoming events calendar and getting excited about all the happenings!

4 thoughts on “This week I am…

  1. Jen at Bower Bird Patch

    Good stuff Jules. I imagine the saplings will like the rain. If you have some more tomatoes to spare, I can recommend making some pasta/pizza sauce….all you need is some basil, garlic, passata, olive oil and a pinch of salt….our tomatoes and basil were going berserk before we left for Portugal, so we made a tonne of it!

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Hi Jen, that pasta sauce sounds fabulous! With moving this year we don’t have any of our own produce so have to rely on friends having excess. I hope you’re having a great time in Portugal, Jxx


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