A weekend with Chris Jurd


What a blast of a day it has been!

A quick suggestion from a friend last week and a bit of encouragement from another friend yesterday and I find myself in Cooma for the weekend taking a Chris Jurd class and sharing a night in a motel (not a hotel) with Heidi.

Chris offers the options of three different patterns for this workshop, I’m working on the Ancient Dahlia. So far, so good. The hardest part of this whole process was fabric selection – I love playing with these beauties and have been stashing some of them for five or more years so cutting them up was a BIG step! And it feels good. Really good. To be using and not hoarding. I feel inspired to do more chopping now!

I’ve had so much fun today and can’t wait to get back tomorrow. The photo above is what my bed looks like right now so best I go and remedy that.

Happy weekend to you,

J xx

10 thoughts on “A weekend with Chris Jurd

  1. SuzKuhns

    I’ve never cared for the Dahlia pattern, until now! I appreciate the work that goes into making one, but they always seemed boring – this will be fantastic!

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Oh Patti, you are so kind! I’m hoping to find some time to work on this one again very soon, the whole thing I’d gorgeous bit I’m wishing I’d managed more in class with Chris’s guidance.

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Hi Emmely, thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, it sure is complicated looking but Chris has broken it down into steps that make it achievable (thankfully!).


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