Winning the unpacking lottery!

The best thing about unpacking is the discoveries I am making. Almost every box is like a lottery, and I am winning the lottery several times a day.

I had long forgotten about these beautiful scissors and thimble. They belonged to my husbands grandmother and I packed them away years ago as I didn’t want to wreck them. My mindset has changed in the years between then and now.

Then, I believed in keeping beautiful things “for good”. Now I know that “good” is every single day, that my family and I deserve beautiful in our everyday.

So the scissors, they will quite possibly be wrecked but they will be loved in the process!

On a side note, we are still without an internet connection (six weeks now!) and only have patchy phone reception… In short, I’m spending most of my time in Instagram as it’s easier than blogging from a phone :)

I love hearing what you have to say, please leave a comment here, thanks :) I will reply to your comment here however if you would prefer a private response, please email me :: procrasticraft {at} gmail {dot} com

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