The last harvest:


Growing food for my family is one of the greatest pleasures I have. There is something so gratifying about going to the garden to see what can be made for dinner. Our new home has no veggie patch, no chook house and no orchard. Yet. We are planning all these and more. For now though, I am using the last of the final harvest from the old house. And knicking a few things including eggs out of a friends garden while she is away (I am feeding her cat and chooks, that gives me garden rights, yes?).

Here though, I’m having trouble deciding where to put the new orchard and vegetable garden. I like to keep it all close to the back door for ease of picking but with the chooks that will be housed in the orchard, we probably need to move it down the paddock a bit to keep mice/rats/snakes away from the house. Perhaps some herbs in pots on the deck so they are easy to get and then the majority of the growing further away? I don’t know.

Do you grow your own fruit and veg? What do you grow and how do you grow it (big patch/small patch/no dig/in pots/on a farm/on the windowsill/apartment balcony)? Any suggestions for fruit trees? So far I can think of apple (multiple varieties), apricot, avocado, bay, cherry, fig, lemon, mulberry, nectarine, mandarine, orange, pear, plum, quince, walnut…

What have I forgotten? We need to make up our minds on a site fairly soon so we can start prepping the ground for autumn planting…

4 thoughts on “The last harvest:

  1. Cheryl Arkison

    Oh, to have those options! I would kill to have peaches and Meyer lemons. All we can grow are crabapples, sour cherries, and saskatoon berries.
    And all I do for growing is herbs and tomatoes. I want a berry patch again one day… Frankly, I’m a horrible gardener. So we invest in a farm instead for weekly delivery of veg in the summer and biweekly most of the winter.

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      What the hell is a Saskatoon berry? Investing in a farm is a fabulous idea, how did you find about that? The orchard is a long term plan. Right now we are just walking around and around deciding on a site. The crazy chook lady in me wants it NOW, I need hens, they’re such funny creatures to observe.


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