Well far out Brussels Sprouts! 2013 was a challenging year on so very many levels for me.

It started so well with a trip to Austin for QuiltCon and starting up the Canberra MQG but then a number of deaths, a health scare, and too many other shitty things to mention all combined and I haven’t been my positive and capable self! I am so grateful for my Mr, our three gorgeous girls and the incredible friends, near and far who have helped me through.

That pic there, it’s our new driveway, a new road to follow, a new hope to hold to. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that we bought an old run down house on some acreage and have been renovating it. We moved in on Christmas Eve (crazy timing!) and I have taken to the new home and new year with renewed hope.

There was a big catalyst for change in our lives this past year and we had a big wake up call about how short life is.

In May, one of my dear friends, Kathreen Ricketson and her fantabulous fella Rob Shugg lost their lives in a tragedy when they were living their dream. Many of you know Kathreen through her site whipup.net.

You may not know but Kathreen was one of my real in life friends. We met because our kids were at the same school, five years ago, she was a kind person with a friendly face who introduced herself to me at a parents meeting one night.

We used to spend Tuesday mornings together over tea, cake, books and craft. She was my sounding board, we talked about so many of our hopes and dreams for ourselves and our families and about the minutiae of our daily lives, you know the stuff you share with good friends – what to cook for dinner, shopping at op shops (she always grabbed the good shizzle just as I was putting my hand to it!), how the baby slept (or didn’t sleep), what the children were doing/learning/playing/interested in, the hubby, the rest of the fam, the news, politics, education, the good, the bad and the freakin ugly. Shit man, all the things.

She was a good woman, a funny brave, gentle woman and she got me. For the first time in my life I had a friend outside of the interwebs who I didn’t have to explain fabric/quilts/blogs, etc to. We understood each other.

While Kath was working on her latest book, Brave New Quilts, I was her studio helper. We shared so very much of our lives during those frantic few months working together.

I can’t even begin to explain how much of a hole this loss has left in so many lives… it has taken me seven months to even mention it here, and all I can say to you is I miss my friend. I miss her desperately.

Inspired by our friends, we are beginning to live out the dream we’ve been dreaming for many years, it’s our new home, it’s a new year and I have new hope. Thank you Kathreen and Rob, you continue to inspire.

May 2014 be a year of fulfilled dreams or you and your loved ones.

Much love, Jules xx

:: I’m posting this from the new house where we have only patchy 3G signal, no proper internet yet so my apologies for the dodgy formatting! It’s almost as bad as internet in the late 90’s ;)

4 thoughts on “2013-14

  1. shecanquilt

    Thank you for sharing this, I have her book and love it. It makes me so sad, however, to think about someone so talented and clearly warm and fun no longer being about. I hope you are able to keep all that was wonderful about her in your heart and move on past the loss. I sure enjoyed meeting you in Austin and I hope we cross paths in person again. And a new place in the country sounds wonderful to me.

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Hi Leanne, so nice to hear from you, I’ve been following along on your blog since coming back from Austin but haven’t managed much chat, sorry. We will meet up at QuiltCon 2015, and we can dance with more cowboys! 😜


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