I made a quilt!

For a quilter, that should not be such a radical statement. However this year has not been as expected and fairly well all desire to sew disappeared. That is until I had the motivation to start making again.

Aqua-FrontThis baby quilt called me. A dear friend birthed a gorgeous baby girl on the 5th of August. I am so very happy that this bubba has been delivered safely and has been welcomed into one of the most wonderful loving homes any baby could ever hope for.

I have to admit though, this pregnancy and birth were rather an oddity for me. You see, we’ve known each other since before we were married and mothers. My friend’s first and third baby girls were each born 13 weeks before my first and third with our middle girls in between, not so close in age but all spaced within those five short years. So when this new little love, her 4th baby girl arrived, it felt strange that we weren’t also expecting.

I adore newborn babies. Could eat them they are so delicious. And, I am appreciative that I got to hold and hug such a dear bubba when she was only days old. I just know my limits. It no longer feels strange, it feels comfortable that I am not having another bubba (I will even admit that I’m slightly relieved!). We have three precious girls for whom I am eternally grateful and I can’t imagine my life without them, they complete me. I know that as a family, we are ready for the next stage, no more nappies and night feeds but “big” girl adventures. I do however need my friends to get making babies for cuddling!

Aqua-Quilting-2The quilt :: 36′ x 48″ wonky stacked coin using a variety of quilting cotton and linen scraps with Freespirit Designer Solid in Light Jade as the background.

I have a set of 18 strips in this colour way (not all the same as above but mostly the same) with one yard of the solid available as a kit for $35 (AUD). If you would like to purchase the fabrics, please comment below and I will be in touch.

4 thoughts on “I made a quilt!

  1. Charlotte

    I know what you mean – a (very small) part of me would love to have another baby, so I am very happy for my friends to supply my snuggle fixes!

  2. Jess

    That’s gorgeous! I totally know how you’re feeling – our youngest is about to turn three, and she is the last baby for us. But one of my closest friends is pregnant with number 6, which makes me happy I will have a small baby to cuddle!


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