Busy bee


I’ve been a busy bee making blocks for the Simply Solids Bee : I was waaaaay behind but am now all caught up and have even finished and sent my May block before the month begins! I imagine my fellow Fallow hive members will just about fall over from the shock!

My favourite blocks so far are that one up the top which is a scrap vomit b block using Katy’s tutorial but 2″ not 2.5″ squares and my other fave is the block I made for Adrianne which you can see here.

After taking almost 2 years out from bees, I’ve joined two this year. It remains to be seen wether or not that was a good idea! What about you? Do you like quilting bees and swaps? Are you in any right now? What works for you (and what doesn’t)? Have you any tips for me on how to keep on time? That relates to life in general around here, not just with regard to bees… After being an early bird all my life, I seem to be forever late now… Hmmm…


17 thoughts on “Busy bee

  1. Patti

    Your points are all so perfect. I’m now following you by email which is my very favorite way of following my Favourite (see I can spell 2 ways) blogs. P xxx

  2. Archie the wonder dog

    I love your +&x block – the colours are amazing! As for organisation, I couldn’t manage without my calendar – I have it next to the fridge so it’s easy to keep an eye on what’s happening. The only problem is that this year’s calendar starts each week on a Sunday so I keep thinking I’m a day behind. Or a day ahead, it seems to change, which doesn’t make sense!

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      The kitchen is definitely my place for the calendar, not sure about the Sunday start though… that would seem a little strange to me, I like my week’s to start with Monday and end with Sunday, it’s my day for hanging out with no real plans except family time, a reward for the all that has passed the last seven days, definitely not the start of the week!
      And re the +&x block, what do you think about a whole quilt in solids like this? I love this block, thinking of ways to make it in all solids, perhaps keeping all the +’s warm and the x’s cool?

  3. Ange @ GnomeAngel

    Love the bright bold colours in these blocks. Love the reinterpretation of the b blocks for scrap vomit. No tips for running on time from this side of the Capital – I’m hopeless! Helps now that I can just blame the lads!

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      You can most definitely blame the lads. I was never late before small people and really reliable. Now the thing is that I have to manage the movements of 3 smalls, all with very strong wills, well, it’s nigh on impossible to be reliable as its them that dictate. Not that it will last forever though, will be over too soon.

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Hi Mikaela, thanks, loud colour is definitely my thing! Have booked into the right brain business plan in July, looking forward to having a moment to think about this! Jxx

  4. Lorena

    OMG Julie, I promise I hadn’t seen this post till I was adding blogs from the AusMod Bee gals to my blog roll… SNAP! We’ve been both been busy bees xx

  5. Charlotte

    I was in three bees, but that was waaaaay too many. My sewing time is too limited to spend that much on other people’s stuff. Now I am in one, which is much more manageable.

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      I think that’s the problem Charlotte, my sewing time is so limited, I end up getting behind in blocks and then not getting any of my own stitching done. So very much wish you were closer, we could have a retreat weekend!

  6. Michelle

    What stunning blocks! Amazing how the teal works with the other colours in that third block – love it!

    I’ve been in swaps (where we made blocks and then passed them on) which I suppose are bees? I’m a bit old school so I suppose this might be the same thing? I generally try to avoid them (and that includes any swap) as except for a couple of instances I’m general disappointed. I supposed I go to do much effort to make something as close to perfect as I can, and then when I don’t get the same in return it can be heartbreaking. But perhaps I’m just too difficult to please! Best for everyone that I don’t participate perhaps ;)

    Hmmm. Organisation? I dunno I’m pretty hopeless at organising myself but I don’t like being late for anything, and as I have so much memory loss I have a morbid fear of forgetting things so I tend to diarise and schedule everything. I guess it’s just a case of prioritising and self discipline. Bit hard when you have a baby though!! I’m sure you’re doing just fine!

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Ha! Yes, I’ve been in a few swaps very early on (years ago) where there was a few people disappointed in the end with the standard of some work.

      Yes, a diary works wonders, I tend to use a wall planner that is month by month and has slots for all five of us, and yet I still miss things! Chaos reigns supreme with three smalls, I am sure that I’ll get back on track in oh, about 18 years ;)

      1. Michelle

        Of course the secret to a diary is actually using it. I realised today I hadn’t opened mine up for 2 weeks. Seems the bad memory extends to not remembering to use a diary! Lol


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