That little event…


I am sitting here tonight thinking about so very many things but it all keeps coming back to one HUGE event for me! I can’t focus on any of my actual work as I just realised that in just 36 days time, I am heading to Austin for QuiltCon, the inaugural Modern Quilt Guild conference and show.

Needless to say, I am completely thrilled at the opportunity and also at the prospect of seeing Austin for the first time – I have travelled to Europe and Canada, but I’ve never been to the USA.

I’m starting to plan my packing so am in need of a few tips… We are in the middle of an extremely hot summer and with most of the past two weeks hitting around 38 degrees Celsius (100F), it’s tricky to get my head into packing for winter mode.

So, anyone been to Austin in Winter? What do I need to take? Where can I shop when I get there for a great coat? Any thoughts about travelling solo? Are you going to be there too? Do come play with me, it’ll be amaze balls, I guarantee it!!!

Jules xx

4 thoughts on “That little event…

  1. Krista

    I love that you’re coming to Quiltcon all the way from Australia– and that Austin will actually be cold to you! All I know about Texas weather is that it’s unpredictable. It could be 30 degrees F one day, then 80 the next. I’ll be coming from Alaska so I won’t have to worry about coats. But I’m still hoping it’s nice weather for walking (70s?). My suggestion is to pack layers. Sleeveless shirts, cardigans, scarves. Bring a midweight coat. If it’s cold, realistically you won’t be outdoors much beyond walking to the convention center and restaurants.

    I’ll see you there! Have a safe trip.

    1. procrasticraft Post author

      Oh my goodness Krista, coming from Alaska, I’m sure it will feel like being in the tropics for you! And thanks for the packing tips, I figure if I get cold, I’ll just buy a coat – I don’t really want to take up luggage space that could be used to bring fabric home! I’ve already placed an order for 10 yards from Marmalade Fabrics who will have a booth there so I’m gonna have to take it easy on the warm clothes thing! When are you getting in? I’m landing Tuesday night and have some volunteer hours scheduled on Wednesday, Malka’s Color your Cloth on Thursday and AMH’s Composing a quilt on Friday and the 80’s dance party that night as well as volunteering on Sunday. The 80’s night will be hilarious from all accounts of the costumes I’ve seen on instagram – I’m planning on making a bubble skirt, best I get cracking! Xx


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