#thisweekiam :: 25/52/15

I enjoy writing, I’m not sure I’ve found my written voice yet but I do enjoy it and I feel that by writing more regularly, my style and voice will develop, thanks for bearing with me along this journey!

In the pursuit of development, I’m trying to write a post a week to get into the habit of blogging regularly. I’ve been writing a little post the past couple weeks #thisweekiam. There’s a list of the things I’ve been doing, reading, eating, anticipating, etc. When I sat down to write today, I could only come up with one item for the list. Questioning.

I’m not sure if this space is the right one for this list, if sharing my questions is appropriate or necessary but right now, it’s what is occupying my head space so here you have it. I want to be clear, this is not a melancholy kind of questioning, it’s an exploration, an evaluation. It’s an important process for me, I want to be the best person I can be which means I naturally spend time thinking about where I’ve been, where I am and where I want to be. I evaluate my relationships, I analyse my decisions and when I make progress, I want to know why. It’s not a doubting questioning, but a constant development.

By the “best person” I can be, I mean I want to be genuine, authentic, true to my values, true to myself. It is important to me to be honest, kind and compassionate, to not pretend to be someone I’m not just to fit in, to own my f**ck-ups (and my use of the vernacular), and to explore my own journey without comparison or jealousy. Essentially, to live a life according to my own belief system.

So, there are often many questions and this week I am questioning:

:: my parenting. Am I parenting with kindness, am I present and listening properly. Do my children feel listened to, are there voices being heard? (Observation :: I’m more distracted and less tolerant than I’d like to be. Action :: Give up a couple of projects and push some deadlines back to allow more space in the day for the girls).

Questioning :: my design. What am I wanting to achieve, how do I want to achieve it. (Observation :: reflect, articulate, pay attention to the original intention and the execution {thank you Bill Kerr for your most excellent class this past weekend, I learnt far more than I had ever expected}. Action :: schedule time for reflection and examination).

Questioning :: my impact. What is my impact on other people. Generally, I don’t require validation from others. I’m fairly confident in myself and my own skin. I know what I do and don’t like and I’m comfortable to express my opinions and my reasoning – I’m also really comfortable to have my reasoning questioned and to accept criticism. What I’m not comfortable with is thinly veiled attacks and nasty gossip. Recently I heard some really hurtful things that people were saying about me. I’m questioning the merit in the gossip – is there some truth to what they were saying? What have I done to give someone the impression they have? Is it about me or is actually about them? How can I be true to myself and do so without offending other people? No observations yet, it’s still rather raw. Perhaps you have some insight for me?!

Questioning :: my impact. Version 2. Why is it that I am impacting people to think about the way they approach their making? What am I saying/doing to have such a positive impact on my students? How can I repeat this to encourage people to pursue their creativity and to build the community of makers that I envision? Lots of observations here, just none I can fully articulate right now (the alarm to pick up the children from school has just gone off, this will need to be answered another day!).


#thisweekiam :: 24/52/15

Preparing :: to teach a new class starting tomorrow night!

Anticipating :: a road trip with Heidi to Sydney for classes with Bill Kerr (yes, of Weeks and Bill and Modern Quilt Studio fame!!!). Bill has a reputation as an excellent teacher so I am really looking forward to the classes (and I have to admit, also to the weekend in a hotel – no cooking or cleaning. And a bath! We don’t have a bath and a friend recently reminded me that they exist in the world – now I can’t get that idea of luxury out of my mind!).

Enjoying :: students sharing the progress they are making on quilts from my classes!

Leonie with her Desert to Sea

Pip’s Hugs & Kisses

A much clearer photo 😄

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Eating :: meals from my meal plan which this week includes my take on Spanish eggs (In a large deep sided fry pan, sauté a sliced onion and sliced red capsicum, add diced chorizo, cook for about 5-10 minutes until the onion and capsicum are soft and the chorizo is browned. Add a tin of chickpeas and some par-boiled diced potatoes along with a tin of tomatoes and a tin of water. Cover with lid and simmer until the potatoes are cooked through. Make six wells in the mix and crack an egg into each well, cover with lid and simmer until eggs are cooked. Stir through a few handfuls of baby spinach and half a bunch of chopped parsley, serve with a fresh crusty sourdough).

Also eating :: anything anyone else would like to cook for me!

Reading :: Julia. And the Wife Drought – in which I realise just how much I need a wife!

Listening :: to podcasts, specifically Chat10Looks3 (with Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales) and  The Crafty Planner (with Sandi and a whole lot of crafty guests! Thanks Chawne for the referral to this one).

Admiring :: the creativity of friends

Starting :: a little linky party -#thisweekiam. Thanks to Cheryl who inspires me to commit to writing more regularly! All you need to do is link up a blog post from this week here so we can see what you have been doing – any post, any topic, just something that shares what you’ve been doing the past week. The only rule is that you click on the blog that linked up before you go see what they’ve been up to, who knows who you might meet :)


And if you want to play along, you can grab a button for your blog:

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#thisweekiam :: 23/52/15

Enjoying :: the wood fire on these cold mornings, minus 7 today! Also, I’m loving the look of the frost on the ground when I wake and the wonder the children have as they examine the formation of ice on the ground, stones, trees, all around.

Making :: lots of logs. Log cabin quilts are captivating all my thoughts at the moment and I’m doing my best to convert the ideas to fabric!


Working :: on releasing my very first pattern out into the world – the testers are on it and I’m frothing at the bit to see what they come up with!

quilttheuniverse spacejunk 600

Eating :: the fruits of my labours – since my babies could sit, they’ve helped in the kitchen with family meal preparation and baking. I remember the shock and surprise of people’s faces when they saw my first bubba, then a not-quite-three-year-old, slicing capsicum with a sharp knife. I’ve never shied away from letting my kids have a go (always with appropriate supervision and instruction) and yesterday, that bubba (now a not-quite-nine-year-old) came home from school and baked me a cake. She tolerated the help of the seven year old and together, they made the most delicious greek yoghurt cake!

Thanks to Miss 8 and Miss 7, we have dessert! #thisiswhyitaughtthemtobake

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Reading :: The Artists Way for ParentsI’ve always considered myself to be very supportive of my children’s creativity so it’s great to have a resource for further exploration and hints and tips of ideas I’d not considered. After reading this, next on the list is a book for me and my creativity.

Waiting :: for airfares to go on sale! I want to book my QuiltCon flights and get that locked away before registration opens later this month!

**Books in this post are linked to Book Depository - I am an affiliate of this website so if you click through and purchase, I will receive a small commission towards my next books. They offer free-shipping worldwide which is the bomb**