#thisweekiam :: 48/52 :: finishing quilts & a recipe for a delicious dinner


Quilting :: all the quilts. A commission quilt. A QuiltCon entry. A next years new class quilt. A charity quilt… all. the. quilts

Quilting Quilt blocks to heal violence

Listening :: to the early morning calls of magpies and kookaburras.

Morning Time

Anticipating :: my trip to Melbourne this weekend to teach at Amitie – I’ve wanted to visit the store for so long and can’t wait to get there!

Harvesting :: the fruits of the biggest child’s labours

Harvest Greens

Eating :: Fresh salads, mangoes!!! and stone fruits. A few people on Instagram asked for the recipe for tonights dinner – salmon and super slaw (making guide after photo):

Salmon Super SlawRecipe Procrasticraft

Sprinkle the salmon fillet with some salt and pepper and bake in a 200C oven around eight minutes (120gms per piece) or cook on the BBQ. Honestly, this piece is a little overcooked, I prefer it slightly on the rare side but just cook it to your liking.

While the fish bakes, in a large mixing bowl, mix up half cup of kewpie mayonnaise, juice of a lime, salt, pepper and a clove of crushed garlic. Add
– a quarter white cabbage, finely sliced
– Lebanese cucumber cut into cubes (you can peel it if you are so inclined, I rarely am)
– half cup freshly shelled peas or frozen peas (if using frozen, lightly blanch them to defrost)
– one apple (granny smith or pink lady), matchstick sliced (it really is worth the effort to make it super fine, if it’s chunky, it just doesn’t work).
– one avocado, cubed
– half cup walnut pieces (can use almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, anything you like)
– you can add some fresh parsley leaves or other herbs, I just plain forgot tonight but parsley and mint is really yummy here.

Mix the salad very gently to scoop up all that dressing and coat all the bits but don’t be rough as the avocado will mush.

Serve. Eat. Feel virtuous for having a simple and delicious meal. Then sit and drink a full glass of Bailey’s on ice to counteract the smugness. You’re welcome!


#improvlogcabins :: today’s class



I’ve had such an incredible day today teaching my improv log cabin class. Tonight I am feeling so energised. And so very humbled.

I am grateful (beyond my ability to articulate) to be doing this job – to go into a workshop where a group of people allow me to guide them through a day of making. They put their faith in me and my process. And they like it. They love it. Awesome huh? And I know they love it because they say so. I get some lovely, genuinely lovely, feedback – private emails and public posts where a participant makes a comment about my teaching style that makes me cry crazy happy tears (and the Mr looks at me like I have two heads).

Patrise Cecilia Cornelia Leonie

Generally, I don’t teach from a pattern or from notes. I’m an improv girl through and through. Don’t get me wrong, I will spend an incomprehensible number of hours writing a class, prepping samples, planning out the day’s schedule and timings – before you get to a class with me, I’m familiar with my process and the plan beyond doubt. But you know, there’s only so far planning can take you.


I do all this prep so that when you come to a class with me, we can wing it together. If we are collaborating on your quilt and you want to follow a path, I’ll walk beside you and we will both go on a journey we weren’t necessarily expecting but one I’m more than ready for, a journey where I’ve made the bookings, packed for all contingencies but am ready and willing for adventure! (just how I travel in real life too – I pack and plan but open myself to possibility).


Today (and every time I teach) I had an expectation of where we might go and as usual, we ended up with ten very different pieces of work. And this is my one of my favourite parts of my process – that you all have very different quilts from the same class, your ideas, mixed with mine equals an output greater than either of us expected on our own, we are creating together.

Thank you! Thank you for trusting me and for allowing me to participate in your making journey

Julie H


Tracy, I’m sorry, I somehow missed getting a pic of your work, please email me one if you get a chance. Jules xx

My Favourite Quilt Block :: #oldquiltsnewlife

This week sees Sarah Fielke officially launch her new book Old Quilts, New Life and I am really happy to be part of the launch (I’m a day late, but hey, it’s still November 1st somewhere in the world right?). I’ve known Sarah for a while now and have followed her work for such a long time, starting with the publication of Material Obsession way back when it was hard to find quilt books with a modern twist.

In true Sarah style, this new book is quite simply stunning. There are nine antique quilts interpreted both directly and indirectly giving 18 projects in total. My friend Claire and I took a class with Sarah more than a year ago and I made a mini version of one of the quilts… but like so many of the projects I have on the go, there’s just a little left to do…

In tribute to the old quilts in the book, today I’m sharing my one of my favourite old quilts made using my absolute favourite quilt block of all time, the churn dash. I purchased this quilt in Austin this Feburary when Danielle and I were spending the day recovering from jet lag before the incredible frenzied festival that was QuiltCon started! We went out for a breakfast that could only be found in Texas, it was as big as the state itself and involved a number of mimosas. We then headed to Uncommon Objects, this great vintage and antique store with lots of nooks and crannies in which to find treasures. Amongst the shelves, I unearthed this beauty:


Immediately I knew I just HAD to bring it home (even though I could hear the groans from the Mr an ocean away “more quilts?”). It is such a simple design but something about those churn dash blocks set on point just made me fall in love right away.

The crinkly fabrics, so soft and worn with age and use. The secondary design made with the hand quilting, Baptist Fans across the quilt top:


And the fabrics, they date the quilt to be made around the 1950’s, there are shirtings, dress cottons and that pinky-red stripy background – OH MY! :


This now lives on the chair in my bedroom, ready to be flung over my legs as I read a book by the window. The only thing missing from it is a label, I do wish I could know who the maker was…

If you’re interested in old quilts, have a look on Instagram or Facebook at the tag #oldquiltsnewlife – there’s so many beauties to be found. And if you have an old quilt lingering about, pull it out into the light of day and wrap yourself in the stitches of generations gone by.


And you can see the quilt Danielle got here, I’m wishing I’d fought her for it ;)