Hey there fellow #Quiltcon2015p attendees! Can you believe it’s only a little over 14 weeks until we descend on Austin with our quilty superpowers!!!

Last QuiltCon was an awesome experience and I can’t wait for this one. To up the quilty goodness factor a little (is that even possible?) I’ve decided to run a little swap!

We will have entry passes for the show which will need lanyards to hang round our neck… So… what if we make a wee lanyard and swap these with another attendee? Won’t it be fab to wear something handmade and also make a connection with another attendee before we get there – an icebreaker with new friends.

As the holiday season is about to descend on us all, I really want to keep this swap small and not too onerous on anyone. Here are the details:

Join :: the swap here by Friday 14 November.

Make :: a lanyard with a clip, approximately 34″. A tutorial will be posted here on 15 November, you can use that or your own method.

Mail :: your gift to your partner no later than 10 January 2015 to allow time for international delivery. Some little extras are always nice but not essential.

Meet :: the other attendees. Once you’ve joined the swap, link up your blog or IG in the comments here and visit a few of the other participants to say hi. Who knows?! You may end up sitting next to them in one of your classes or lectures.

*partner emails will be sent 15 & 16 November. If you have joined and don’t receive an email by 16 November, please let me know*

16/10 :: #myfirstquilt :: #tbt

#tbt or throwback thursday is such a good excuse to delve deep into the archives of our lives – there’s the really precious moments we’ve forgotten that are great to remember and then there’s the moments we’d rather leave lurking in the deep recesses…

Here’s a great one – my first ever quilt…

It’s such an appropriate throwback because it’s when my quilting journey truly began. Although I’ve sewn my whole life, since I was a small girl at the knees of my dressmaker mother, it wasn’t until one of my high-school besties was pregnant with her first bubba that I decided to teach myself to quilt.

It’s been so satisfying to discover this quilt again and to recognise that I really am an improv quilter through and through – it’s how I started and how I still work. Even when I’m not improv piecing, I definitely design by improv! I started this quilt with no plan in mind, just a sea theme – it grew from there. I appliquéd some blocks and pieced the rest and then hand quilted bubbles and outlines with stranded embroidery floss… It was a simple start but oh so effective – I enjoyed making this so much, I’ve never stopped!

Since making this quilt almost 15 years ago, I’ve learnt so many new skills and techniques but remembering the process of this, the improv design, I feel contented that I’ve remained true to my own creativity (and oh so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned along the way).14-10-16-Procrasticraft-MyFirstQuilt

The other lovely thing about this one? Until a few days ago, I didn’t have a photo of it. I sent of a quick note to Chookie* and asked if by some chance she had a picture of the quilt somewhere. I never expected her to say that she still had it and that it is still a treasured item in her home. She snapped a quick shot and emailed it to me. That there is the reason I make for people. This quilt, so many years on and so much water under the bridge of our lives, is still valued and valuable.

* definitely a strange nickname for a woman I admire for her strength, courage and unbreakable spirit. We lived next door to each other for a few years as teenagers, and she was a stalwart of my teens and twenties and definitely my partner in oh so many crimes (figuratively speaking of course!). Even though we are now, ahem, grown-ups, I still can’t call her anything but this.

I’d love to see photos of your first quilt. Post them on your blog or over on Instagram with the hashtag #myfirstquilt – let me know in the comments if you’ve blogged it so I can come and have a gander.

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15/10 :: WIP Wednesday


About five weeks ago, I started a gorgeous Liberty quilt for a pattern I’m writing and a class I’m teaching… One last border to go and this one will be done… I can’t wait to share this one with you – I’m so very proud of it!

This week I’m playing along with Lee

WIP Wednesday- Frshly Pieced