15/10 :: WIP Wednesday


About five weeks ago, I started a gorgeous Liberty quilt for a pattern I’m writing and a class I’m teaching… One last border to go and this one will be done… I can’t wait to share this one with you – I’m so very proud of it!

This week I’m playing along with Lee

WIP Wednesday- Frshly Pieced

Every new beginning…

…comes from some other beginning’s end.

14-10-14-procrasticraft-change-beginning-endThe smallest of our smalls had a new beginning this week. She’s ready, off and racing to pre-school two days a week. For me, it was the end of full-time parenting. After more than 8 years of having one, two or all three at home with me everyday, I have to admit I’m feeling a little lost. The past two days have been rather unproductive and I’ve taken to eating cake for lunch and comfort. Good cake with lots of fibre but still, cake.

It’s also a new beginning. I have two full days in which to design and make quilts, write patterns and work for my consultancy clients. Two full days each week working from home (as well as all of the nights after the smalls are in bed).

I need your help to make next week (and those that follow) more fruitful than this one was… So please tell me, how do I un-lose myself? Do you work from home? I’d love to know what your day looks like and how you build a routine so you don’t end up faffing about wasting time…

I’m quilting in the rain…

Well, not actually IN the rain. But it is raining. And the girls were all at school today so what better excuse to pull out a WIP and get cracking.

Much more to go… but it’s coming along and I’m getting lots of FMQ practice in along the way!


This quilt is made using Michael Miller Cotton Couture from here and AMH voiles from the stash using improv piecing. It is destined to be a gift but it’s taking much longer than I had hoped as I’m stopping and starting between meals so we can use the dining table for you know, it’s actual purpose!