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Holy freakin stink bomb, I have the most amazing caring, thoughtful and talented friends! It’s been a rough few weeks around here and receiving such beautiful handmade gifts has touched me and made me feel wrapped in warmth and love and protected from the world.

I have watched this friend knit and been mesmerised by these stitches, little did I know they were for me. Between these Fetchings gifted to me today and the Honey Cowl wrapped around my neck on a cold sad winter day three weeks ago, well, I’m wrapped in comfort.

I am feeling so blessed and so very grateful. Not only for my knitty peeps, also for the friends who have made phone calls, sent emails, written cards, provided babysitting, prepared food and most of all for the conversations and time I have spent with you all.

Thank you to my dear sweet friends, in the interwebs and in real life, all of you who have helped me hold it together.

Jules xx

Chocolate Blueberry Cake : a vegan recipe

I’m not sure I’ve previously mentioned in this space that our youngest daughter has some severe food allergies. She is allergic to eggs and dairy. As a keen baker, I have had to find ways and means around using these ingredients in cakes, biscuits and slices.

Choc Blueberry Olive Oil Cake

I have developed a few recipes of my own (which I will share next time I make them and remember to take a picture!). Sometimes though, it is nice to stumble upon a recipe where all the hard work has already been done for me. This chocolate cake is AMAZING!

I make some changes (because I can’t help myself) by making it with just cocoa, not ground chocolate as that contains milk and I don’t use cream cheese icing. My solution to the icing factor is to sprinkle the cake with about 120gms of fresh or frozen blueberries prior to baking and then dust with a little icing sugar when serving. Yum!

And if the cake is not going to school, or another nut-allergy avoidance zone, I replace half of the flour with ground almonds which adds to the moistness and makes it a little more on the healthy side.

You’re welcome!

Feeling poorly

PoppiesSince I wrote yesterday’s post, a most revolting bug has hit the house. All of the smalls have been feeling poorly. I will spare you the disgusting details, save to say that what can come out of a small persons mouth seems like far more than can ever have possibly gone in. And the result has been mountains of washing. It seems to me that there was not a single sheet, pillow, towel, facecloth or cloth nappy left in our house that remained untouched. That’s not true of course, it just felt that way to me, drama queen that I am. SO gross. Thankfully, the weather is good for drying!

WashingWhen they feel poorly, I do get lots of snuggles. It makes me feel helpless to watch them ill and not be able to do anything to stop it but oh how I do love the stillness of these sleepy, sick snuggles. One thing this Mumma can do well is give comforting snuggles.

Feeling Poorly